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    MultiCast Cache Only Failures Error Code 1306

    Rick.Smith1 Specialist

      Could use some community troubleshooting help, so far I am not getting far on my own with finding an answer.

      I have a normal multicast cache-only distribution job running with a high number of 1306 failures "No status was recieved. The client may be off or multicast may not be installed" under LANDesk 9.5 SP2.


      I checked the clients, they do have a good working client install, with the multicast installed (validated via inventory record). Their inventory record IP also is matching what they are currently pinging as. Firewall looks fine. Why else would I get this error?


      Checking the local devices, there is no task log in the data folder, so I am guessing that for some reason, the scheduled task on the core was failing to get things going on these devices. However on these same devices, I have been able to run Inventory and Security Scans initiated from the Console on the Core just fine. The multicast takes a long while and its still processing several devices, so it will be awhile till I can just re-try them again, but its frustrating to see that they failed at all in the first place with no real indication as to why.

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          sterling22 SupportEmployee

          Typically this error points to the communication failure to the client and that something is blocking the Multicast traffic.  Are you certain that the firewall ports are open for Multicast on the clients? 

          TCP33354Inbound OutboundSoftware Distribution (Peer Download, Multicast)
          UDP33354InboundSoftware Distribution (Multicast)
          UDP33355InboundSoftware Distribution (Multicast)

          I'm assuming the ports on the core are ok since some multicast clients are handling this successfuly.  You also need IGMP enabled on the router\switch. 

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            Rick.Smith1 Specialist

            Thanks for the suggestion. I'd have to check the local clients at the given time to ensure the firewall is set correctly.

            I use Group Policy to set the firewall rules, so the failure would be somewhere in there if it did not apply.

            Below are the rules for reference. All 3 of those rules you pointed out are in my list.


            So far as IGMP enabled on the router\switch, I would need to validate. To my knowledge these same devices are not failing all the time. I'll check with our Networking team to see if they are enabling it by default.


            67:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Imaging Broadcast (67)

            69:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Imaging PXE TFTP (69)

            1759:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Imaging PXE MTFTP (1759)

            4011:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Imaging PXE Unicast (4011)

            8092:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Remote Console (8092)

            9590:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Remote Console (9590)

            9591:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Remote Console (9591)

            9595:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Agent Discovery (9595\TCP)

            9595:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Agent Discovery (9595\UDP)

            25:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk UDD (25)

            139:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk UNC (139)

            445:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk UNC (445)

            9535:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Remote Management (9535)

            9593:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Software Distribution (9593)

            9594:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Software Distribution (9594)

            9971:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk AMT Discovery (9971)

            9972:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk AMT Notification (9972)

            12174:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Remote Execute (12174)

            16992:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk HTTP AMT Management (16992)

            16993:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk HTTPS AMT Management (16993)

            16994:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk AMT Hello Packet

            33354:TCP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Software Distribution Peer Download\Multicast (33354\TCP)

            9535:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Device Discovery XDD (9535)

            33354:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Software Distribution Multicast (33354\UDP)

            33355:UDP:*:Enabled:LANDesk Software Distribution Multicast (33355\UDP)