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    OSD Multicast and dinamyc MDR


      Hi there,


      I have an issue when multicasting OS images using PXE/WinPE. If I previously choose a MDR manually in the LDMS console for multicasting the OSD/PXE task, then the image deployment works all right as expected. But if instead there is not a previously manually selected MDR for the task then the multicast task fails as soon as it starts even a MDR shows as been selected in the interactive core server multicast task .

      Moreover, if I choose manually a MDR for the PXE/WinPE OSD deployment task and when the selected MDR node starts receiving the OS image from the Core Server and simultaneously multicasting the OS image to the rest of the selected client nodes, if then I disconnect the current MDR node, then the process instead of selecting a new MDR by a initiated automatic election, the task fails and none of the other client nodes is selected as an alternate MDR.


      Any ideas?