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    Manage vPro devices does not work


      Hi all,


      I installed LanDesk Management Suite 9.5 and I`m trying to manage a device due to vPro.


      These steps I already done:

      • enable AMT in the BIOS
      • Generate IDs in the core server
      • MEBx Setup (v8): - set Host Name

                                        - set ip address core server

                                        - set PID and PPS manually


      Is the FQDN from the core server required? I can´t enter the FQDN because the name is to long.


      Do I have to select "Activate Network Access" to connect to the core server?

      In my management console I can't find the vPro device


      Can anybody help me, please?


      Best wishes

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          sterling22 SupportEmployee

          Enabling the option to Activate Network Access should provision your vpro device but this also depends on the type of provisioning that you are trying to do with Vpro.  If you are trying to do zero touch provisioning you will need a zero touch certificate and a DHCP option 15 setup for your domain name.  If you are doing one touch provisioning then entering the ID manually in the mebx that you created on the core should establish communication.  Do you have LANDESK agents installed on those same machines?