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    Windows 7 crashed after sysprep

    Peregrine Apprentice

      Hello, Windows 7 provisioning has been working perfectly until I decided to recreate my base image.  Here’s the process and issues.  I installed Windows 7 from a desktop with” AHCI” driver enabled in the bios.  I installed the Microsoft standard AHCI driver and ran sysprep OOBE generalized without the unintended.xml file.  Captured the image with OS deployment NOT provisioning.  As a test, I deployed to the same desktop that I created the image with provisioning and the OS keeps rebooting.  It boots up fine when I switch from AHCI to IDE in the system bios.  It also works if I captured the image without syspreping it first.  I have use the same desktop created a working image in the past so not sure what got changed.  My current version is LDMS 9.5 SP1. Please help.