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    Connection Reset by peer.


      We are using Motorola VC5090(CE5.0) and MC3190(CE6.0) at warehouse, through Wavelink 7.3, we connected to end user Telnet SSH Server


      We discover after a certain time, the packer who is currently working and using MC3190, the wavelink clients would "jump out" and the messages prompt shown "connection reset by peer", it cannot recover, it is need to relogin again. So, it got annoying and heavy complain on us



      Under the same network, VC5090 is good and no disconnected problems. We go through the network packages by Wireshark and found the followings.


      • MC3190 is always retransmitted error and it is only using TCP package to transmit.
      • VC5090 is smooth and no error packages, it can using SSHv2 package to transmit




      1) How can we avoid the messages jump out and disconnect which is "Connect reset by peer" at MC3190?

      2) Can we setup on MC3190 to transmit the packages by SSHv2 just like VC5090


      We got a long complain from end user, look forward for kindly technical expert to help us on this, really thank a lot.