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    Interl PRO 1000 driver for WinPE


      The PXE boot Menu is hanging on IP. The network of Lenovo laptop is Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software but it doesn't have a vista version. i tried W7 it didn't work. I've tried to inject Vista driver from Intel website it didn't worked.

      I need to Capture image prior to deploy it on 74 laptops and i'm blocked.

      May you please help?

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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          What version and patch level of LANDESK are you on?

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            Tracy Expert

            Make sure when you add the NIC driver to the WinPE image you use the x86 version.


            And depending on which version of LANDesk you have, you may need the Windows 8 x86 driver.



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              i'm using LANDesk 9.0 SP2 (WinPE 2.0).



              the issue i'm facing is that Lenovo doesn't provide windows vista driver for the network adapter i have.

              i tried to inject a driver from intel website for Vista 32bit but in vain.


              the network adapter i have on the machines is: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-LM

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                davidg5700 Specialist



                You can check what version of drivers you need here:




                The WinPE version you are on is not listed on the page, but subsequent versions are listed and will show you the logic that it is based upon.


                Here is a Microsoft document that explains the different NDIS version of drivers that are required for each OS:




                When you extract out the Intel drivers from the ProWin32.exe download (use 7-zip or WinRAR to extract), you'll end up with subfolders that are grouped by the NDIS version.  There may be a WinPE folder within the NDIS folder, but in those folders you'll see INF files named in this convention "e1c62x32.inf" or "e1k6232.inf".  The first 3 characters refer to the card model, the second 2 (62 in this case) refer to the NDIS version and the "x32" or "32" refer to 32 bit driver or 64 for 64 bit.  If you open the INF file in notepad, you can see the model card the driver is for. 


                I apologize if this information is too basic and does not directly answer your question.  I did quite a bit of playing around with this before I figured this out and I hope this information could help someone else out.


                Since you are on an older version and service pack of LD, you may want to look into upgrading.  I believe that some of the older drivers are built into the LD WinPE releases on more recent service packs.


                Good luck.

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                  LANDave SupportEmployee



                  You are going to continue facing this problem by using something based on Windows PE 2.0.  


                  I would definitely recommend upgrading to at least LDMS 9.0 SP4.   Ideally you should look to upgrade to LDMS 9.5 SP2.


                  You don't need to immediately update your LANDesk clients, but if you update your core and consoles you will be a lot further ahead.

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                    Tracy Expert

                    +1 to what David said. You are going to be in a work of hurt until you update your version of WinPE.