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    ThinApp 4.0 (Formerly Thinstall)



      Will this new version be available to Landesk users?    Will there be a new place to download the latest versions?






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          Tracy Expert


          Yes. As far as I know The new VMWare "ThinApp" is just the new name on thier end. LANDesk application Virtualization will continue to mirror features and functionality. I do not have an ETA for the next LANDesk version yet, but it should be soon.









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            ThinApp is more than just a new name. There are some really nice new features, one of which is called AppLink which allows you to call a virtualized application from another virtualized application. Good to hear that LANDesk will supply a version with the same functionality, looking forward to using it.



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              Tracy Expert


              Cam is correct. I didn't mean to say that it it just a new name and there are no other changes. There are many new awesome features that coinside with the new name. These same features would have been available in the next version of Thinstall, but since the VMWare acqisition, it will be called VMWare ThinApp instead of Thinstall.






              From an email I recieved yesterday:



              Great new features. ThinApp includes a wealth of new features including Application Link, which enables dynamic linking between VMware ThinApp packages, and Application Sync, which lets you execute application updates to through a secure Internet connection.












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                Tracy Expert


                Just an FYI. We are looking at a September - October release for LANDesk Application Virtualization 4.0.






                I have had remarks that it has already been released by VMWare. This is not true. That is only a beta as far as I know.









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                  zman Master

                  Yep, latest production version is 3.396. I think the beta is set to close end of June. Also, their prices do NOT include the developers license.

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                    LANDesk Application Virtualization 4.0 is available to download for those who have purchased LANDesk Application Virtualization.