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    Provisioning Xp 64-bit

    Binskin Apprentice


      I have been attempting a standard pxe winpe based provision for XP Pro 64-bit, but cant seem to get it working.



      All the pre OS install tasks complete no problems, but once it attempts to start the OS install it fails on not being able to find \i386\winnt32.exe, which makes sense as the file does not exist in that location.



      The file does exist in the  \AMD64\ folder instead, upon trying to run this manually however i get an error that i am not running the correct OS to install from.



      Does this mean i require a 64-bit version of WinPE? If so is it possible to integrate this into landesk provisioning?



      Ive tried looking around the net for answers but nothing immediate seems to jump out at me.



      Cheers - Ben



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          ahe Expert


          Hello Ben,



          you have to create your own 64-Bit PE Image. We've had the same problem and LANDesk support solution was to use a image...



          Another solution is to use a tool to start a 64-Bit installation on a 32-Bit PE... we found it here: http://home.woh.rr.com/pombo/



          In fact, you can't use all parameters as with winnt32.exe but it helps...