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    custom report - blank pages between content

    MarcRBT Rookie



      I am using Management Suite 9.5 SP2 and have created a custom report using 'Antivirus dashboard' as base. I have added a couple of additional data sources with, the data being displayed in additional tables. Although I dont believe this to be the source of the issue. I am using theme USLetterPortrait.rdlx-theme.


      When I preview the report to PDF or schedule email distribution to PDF I get a blank page between the content if its over more than one page e.g. page one displays a couple of tables, page two is blank, the third page contains 2 graphs and the fourth page is blank. There is a second blank page if there is only one page of content so the issue seems to be a blank page is appended to any page of content. Im sure this is simple configuraiton issue but I can see it anywhere.


      Any help greatly appreciated.


      Thank in advance.