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    LDAV pegging cpu 100% on Mac


      When the LanDesk AV Kapersky scan kicks off it will peg the CPU on the Mac's at my office to 100%. When this happens my users are complaining of poor battery life, fans running at high speeds and unable to work for long on battery. You can certainly kill the process which is a temp fix, but I need a perm fix. Has anyone else experienced this and how was this issue resolved?


      I have a case open and the number is 00755980.



      Here is something I found on the Kapersky site forum dated back from 2011 with Mountain Lion OSX having the same issues.



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          Update on this case: Landesk has been working on this problem and had us run the following commands which has resolved the CPU pegging issue. Landesk is also creating a hot fix currently for this issue. I hope this helps save someone the countless hours I spent trying to research this and fix.


          Launch Terminal and sudo


          mkdir -p "/Library/Application Support/Kaspersky Lab/klnagent/Data/1103/"

          touch "/Library/Application Support/Kaspersky Lab/klnagent/Data/1103/"

          touch "/Library/Application Support/Kaspersky Lab/klnagent/Data/1103/"


          Reboot and you are done.

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            Wanted to follow up on this thread.  We are using LD 9.5 SP2.  This still appears to be an issue.  I have used the above fix on a few other mac with positive results.  We recently purchase new Mac book pro with os 10.9.4.  I have also run the above fix.  It appear if we are not doing anything on the macs then it stay low cpu not to impactful.  I have noticed that when transferring large files or installing software that it spike above 100% cpu.  Once the copy is complete it calms down.  I know that the AV scan will pickup because of file coping but it seems to cause the machine to be unresponsive and the fan on the laptop goes crazy.  Also it kills the battery too.


            LD is there a hot fix for this yet?