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    Large query export to csv


      I have written a query to look for all software installed on our network. (It's big, 230,000 hits in add remove programs)


      I'd like to export that query to csv but when I choose that menu option I never get the popup window that would allow me to save. Other, smaller, queries work fine.


      The challenge is we are looking to do an audit org wide so we can better understand what software packages are in use in the company and define SLAs for those deemed appropriate.


      If there was a way to make multiple queries to break it down I could then aggregate the data in Excel.


      Is there a way to create a query to look for ... Add remove programs, program, name, starts with a-j?


      Then I could make a second for j-z for example.

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          Bradley_M Apprentice

          Hello JThomp


          If the interface is not letting you do this I would just steal the QuerySQL from the query table and run it directly off of your SQL server.  Then it should just be copy and paste.


          If I had to guess you might be running against the row limit for Excel (32-bit) and so it won't allow you to export.