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    Has anyone created a custom widget in SmartVue?


      Would just like to discuss with anyone who has successfully created a custom widget. I've created one to show how many software packages are downloaded using the self service Landesk portal but only some people can see the new custom widget.  We have 4 LANDesk admins and 2 can see the new widget and 2 cannot see it.  We have other teams like the hardware consultants and the help desk who cannot see any widgets until I add the smartvue role to them and then they can also see the new custom widget. It seems to affect only LANDesk Admins and wondering if others have noticed this issue?

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          I want to discuss as i want to move this direction but can you explain me how its done as i dont use it jet.

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            Well, you need to have SmartVue installed.

            This help section will guide you through installation



            If you've already installed it, there is a help section for modifying existing widgets or creating your own.

            But there are some things not fully explained like the role of PermissionID inside the XML files.

            Role based permissions show up for existing widgets but there is no explanation for how you would set up permissions for new Custom Widgets.  So I'm trying to track down an issue where some people in our environment can see my custom widget and others cannot, even though it looks like they have the same roles.

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              Rick.Smith1 Specialist

              We are having similar issues, but every time we try to simply clone a widget and change the PermissionID's we keep getting errors and nothing works. If we delete the custom widgets, everything begins to work again.

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                Catalysttgj Expert

                If you still need the answer to this issue, here it is: (This is the summary of it, basically. This is from LD support. It worked for me.)


                So, in summary, the trick is to have unique names and permission ids.  Essentially it boils down to:

                1. Create a new (or rename and copy back an existing) .xml edited to have unique names and permission ids

                2. Modify the “enuSmartVuePermissions.xml” to include your unique names and permission ids; making sure to modify both the “LANDeskPermissions” and “Default Roles” sections.

                3. Run the “CreateLANDeskRights.exe” from the command prompt on the Core in the \Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite directory with the following parameters:

                a. CreateLANDeskRights.exe /LOCALIZEDXML /xml “SmartVuePermissions.xml”

                4. Run the “ldgatherdata.exe” from the same directory on the Core

                5. Get into Google* Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox and go to http://localhost/smartvueweb


                For clarity, I'll mention these details..

                item 1. is referring to your custom .XML files that you added under the "SmartVueDef" folder in the core.

                item 2. is located in the managementsuite folder on the core. The mods you'll need here should be pretty obvious.

                The information for 3a. is ACCURATE. Don't add "enu" to the front of the .xml file name. Its right the way it is!

                item 4. can just as well be achieved by doing this in the console: (obviously the above is a bit quicker, but this is the UI method here)

                    1.Click Configure > SmartVue Configuration > Scheduler.

                    2.Click Start now.

                    3.Click OK.


                One piece of advice, i'd suggest starting your permissionID numbers at a 1000, to keep them from being disturbed in the event LANDesk adds future canned SmartVue widgets. They seemed to have started at 40 and ended at 99, but they may add more later.


                Good luck!