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    Multi package distribution


      Good day everyone.


      Total LD n00b here! But i had been put in charge of administrating LD and the rest if history. Anyhow....


      I am trying to have a number of previously packaged apps installed as a group, one after the other. I have had followed process described @ http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-4648 to build a template of those apps. Once template was done i scheduled it using Standard Distribution Push Delivery Method. Added a system to the Scheduled Task, started it and ...... All i can see on the client screen is a LANDesk Provisionning Agent screen but nothing seems to be happening.


      Any assistance in figuring this out MUCH appreciated. For now i am back to installing things by hand

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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          What version of LDMS are you running? How many packages are you trying to push in the provisioning script?

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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            If you don't see any actions starting probably one of the distribution packages you added to the template can't be found on the share. Check the provisioning logs on the LDLOG share on your Core.


            A better alternative if you run the latest LANDESK Vversion is to use Package Bundles. They are the groups in your Distribution Packages that can now be scheduled as bundle.



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              The guide your showing is distribution by OSdeployment. It is the best way of distribution of standard application  that need to be on the computer but it won't be the easy way. The way you probably need to be looking on first is getting normal software dsitribution going with just a normal task.


              Think on 9.5 SP1 they added software distribution by group. You can make a group put multiple tasks in it and right click group to make it a software disitrbution task and set orde off packages. I don't have good experience with it but it is the way to group. What is your reason to group the application ?

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                Thank you for reply guys


                LDMS with latest agent generated from same LDMS install.

                I tried around 5 apps in a row. Some rather large though - Office, Visio


                Log only shows that there are no files on the client and it will download it from the core. But there seems to be nothing downloaded on the client and log files stays on exactly same line for hours.


                How do i use this Package Bundle you mention? Do not see obvious place on the console.


                Thanks a TON!!!

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                  JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                  Go to Distribution Tasks and in your packages you can right-click and create New Package Bundle and just copy the packages you want in it and then click on Properties of the Bundle just created and select Bundle package settings and on the far right you can set the order by using the Up and down buttons and then right-click the package Bundle again then Create Scheduled task.


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                    Thanks bunches! I have nbot had a chance to try it yet but i see how to do this now. Much appreciated.