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    Blocking Out A Calendar




      So I have received a request from the business to try and block out the calendar based on an SLA. A good example of this is our Hardware\Software request which is 10 working days.


      So in our online form we use a calendar to ask when the hardware and software is needed for and some text to say all requests require 10 days’ notice (which gets ignored


      So when they open the calendar the next 10 days is greyed out and they can only select a date after the tenth day.


      Is this possible?


      Hope it makes sense



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          I would use a calculation and a precondition to allow moving on.  My changes when high impact require 5 working days advance warning.  I chose to allow creation but did a test to pass it back to open and send an e-mail if less than 5 business days.  Not so sure in your case that a precondition would not be better though as your analyst won't be able to progress unless the 10 day lead time is met.  The calculation could also check to make sure the calendar wasn't full and possible add more days if needed.  That would take some work but should be possible.