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    Microsoft Update Problem



      we have Landesk Management Suite and we realized that, from 13 March, Landesk console not donwload the latest Microsoft Vulnerability.


      Last vulnerability that Landesk has downloaded is 931125v20_INTL of 13 March and of i try to download only HP definitions updates are downloaded.


      is it possible? what could be the problem?


      In my situation," Landesk 9.5 updates" and " Hp Updates" are checked.


      thank you


      screenshots as attached

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          Please check your licenses. It might be as simple as reactivating your core or your Security suite subscription expired around that time.

          But from the screenshot you attached your core is not currently licensed for the Microsoft vulnerabilities.


          You should see a listing for Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities in patch downloads.


          I have included a screenshot from my core(please keep in mind you might not see all of this depending on what you are licensed for.