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    Error Saving Current Process when removing a Status

    rstacy Apprentice

      If you are getting the following error message while trying to remove a Status from a process, the fix is simple.  Review any incidents or requests that might be in that current "Status" and move them along to another status.  For example, if you were trying to remove "In Progess" from a process, you could simply close any tickets in that status.   You cannot delete a status if there are tickets that are assigned to it as a "Current Statu"s.


      Process Designer


      Error Saving current process:  Attempt to remove status {Status Name} that is in use from a lifecycle.  You cannot remove a status from a lifecycle if there are lifecycle objects that are associated witht he same status in the same lifecycle.


      This may seem obvious, but may be easy to forget, so I thought I would document the error message and solution.