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    Performance issues after adding a new End User in Console




      we normally batch up any new end users into a spreadsheet and import these into LANDesk when we have 10-20 in the batch.

      However, we often need to create new users manually via the Administration windows in Console.

      Whenever we do this all of our analysts start complaining that the system hangs or freezes for them.

      We've never experienced these problems when we do the updates via the data import route (which you would guess should cause more problems).

      Can anyone suggest any reasons why these performance issues should occur when entering users via the normal administration route?

      We would like to give the analysts the facility to create new users via a hyperlink on the Incident window but we are worried that these problems will occur if we went ahead and did this.

      We've checked all of the logs and performance monitors but we can't decide where the problem lies.

      If anyone has any ideas on how to fix or troubleshoot this can you please let me know,

      many thanks in advance,