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    Cannot Search, Getting a Runtime Error

    dlemoin Rookie

      When attempting to search in both Web Access and Self Service I am getting a runtime error. 


      Server Error in '/SD.WebAccess' Application.


      And so on.  I can enter exact ticket numbers into the WD search and I don't get the error but if I search free text, I get the error.


      Running 7.7.1 but this was happening before on the previous version (we are not live yet).

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          1. Do you have anything in knowledge yet?


          2. Have you built your knowledge yet?


          3. When in the Service Desk Configuration Center and editing a "Configured Application" (will need to repeat for all), the "Free text search index path" needs to point to the folder on your server where knowledge is built.  I shared the folder "C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\ServiceDesk\Myframework.withKnowledge" as KI and then used "\\servername\KI" as the path.


          Depending on the version of Service Desk you are using, the location of the frameworks may be different so review the documentation.


          #3 is the most common issue I have seen but since your new there may be nothing to link to yet so #1 and #2 need checking.

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            dlemoin Rookie

            I actually just figured it out, it appears as though not having some .net and asp stuff installed on the app server.  Wow, can't believe it took me this long to figure it out.


            THanks anyways csimpson!