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    Wavelink application disappeared from Motorola MC9090



      Recently I have a problem with Motorola RDT MC9090 with Wavelink Terminal Emulator on them.

      Problem description:

      Wavelink TE application is gone on 3 MC9090 RDT.

      I have check:

      - application folder,

      - program files folder,

      - windows folder.

      No sign of Wavelink application. It is gone from the RDT drives, where it was previously installed.

      Previously my collogue simply re-install wavelink application, but this is not a solution for me, because it seems like the problem is frequently repeating.

      Some details about my hardware and software:

      Device: Motorola MC9090

      OS: Windows CE 5.00 (build 1400)

      Terminal software: probably wltn_mot_9000_ce50_7_0_92_as

      I will appreciate any help.

      Thank you.