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    7.7 Client Install


      My LDMS guys have been having no end of troubles making a package for installing the client.  On the server I just hit Setup and away it goes, never had an issue.  But with the client, my guys are being told that Service Desk must be uninstalled first and then it can be installed again.  I have never uninstalled the client before.  When we run the install inside of LDMS without the /S I can see that the install run and it fails.  The log says that the uninstall failed. If I run a batch file on the server without using LDMS, everything installs fine.  So from I have witnessed, the exact same command line in a batch file works fine and if run from within LDMS it fails.  Makes no sense.


      It almost seems like it will be easier to share the setup folder with everyone and then let them do a manual install.  How are people installing the console?


      Why am I using the console still?  Change.  The ability to add a CI to a Change is awful in WebAccess.

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          I'd ask whoever told your guys it needs to be uninstalled first.  In place upgrades have been supported by LANDESK for some time, so you'd need to check the version you were moving from and make sure in place upgrades were supported.


          Failing that I'd suggest your LDMS team log an issue with LD about packaging LDSD as one would hope that was a no brainer

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            It was LDMS support they were talking to. 


            Subject: Automated removal and upgrade from Console 7.5 to 7.7.1

            Description: Would like an automated process to remove previous 7.5 version of console and install the 7.7.1. console for upgrade.

            Resolution: Manually remove the console 7.5 as there is not an uninstall file. Remove via add/remove programs then install 7.7.1. console.


            I didn't think this was right so I posted this question.  I realize their not Service Desk experts but it just did not seem right.  Looking at the description, it never mentions Service Desk but I got to believe they were told.

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              Sounds a bit silly... they should give us an MSI with a silent instll paramiter and unisatll for console.


              We use app-v to package up consol ... nice and easy.m

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                I think that advice can be improved.  As LDSD 7.5 supports in place upgrades an uninstall is not required, simply install 7.7.n and the upgrade will take place.


                However as I haven't tried it lately with LDMS I'm not certain.



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                  Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                  I've had mixed results myself doing 7.5 (or SP1) in place upgrades to later versions (there were a few permisions pitfalls with these installers and they were obviously Gen 1 of new installer technology); 7.6.x and above have been flawless but jumping from 7.5.x problematic on some of my sites.   IMHO uninstall 7.5.x first before running the 7.6.x or above installer is safest approach! 



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                    Service Desk support had more info like possibly needing "msiexec /x Touchpaper.Console.Main.Installer.msi ENABLEEXEC=1".  It seems that 7.5's installer wasn't ... perfect.  Uninstall can be a issue as I have seen.  There can be issues because the user that installed may need to be the same that uninstall.  Even if 7.5 is removed with the 7.5 installer, 7.7 may not install.  So far my best results have been installing 7.7 as myself manually by running the 7.5 setup.exe.  I say best because even that does not work at all times.  My LDMS admin took a VM and installed 7.5 then could not uninstall 7.5 and 7.7 would not run because 7.7 tries an uninstall and fails.


                    Support said that these issues only apply to 7.5, all newer versions seem to be working with no issues. 


                    A few articles support suggested: