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    WINPE OptiPlex 755



      I must be doing something wrong, I've followed these articles to the letter without any success:












      It is constantly failing with the message "Network adapter driver was not found".  Is there a log I can read to determine why this is failing?  Or check where it is checking for the driver?  I've also added drivers for the Marvell Yukon, it is also not working.



      Im using  LDMS8.8, trying to boot WinPE



      Please help...



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          1 - Try upgrading the BIOS. Bios updates include firmware fixes for LOM's (LAN On Motherboard) - your problem may not be helped by NIC Firmware problems.


          2 - Are you adding ALL the driver files as additional files? I tend to find that works best.


          3 - This comment from seems rather relevant.


          INF File: e1e5132.inf

          SYS File: e1e5132.sys

          Then add EVERY other file from the driver's WinXP folder.


          Hope this helps.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Thanks for the tip, phoffmann 



            1. The computers have been updated to the lastest BIOS version, and can boot PXE via Linux (not LANDesk, but in prior setup)



            2. I have added all the drivers to additional files section.



            3. That very document was what I followed to try to get this to work.



            Interestingly, though maybe related.  "PXE Representative cannot be installed on a DHCP Server, it can be done but requires advance configuration".  I don't have this document but do you know of the configuration mentioned?  Currently the PXE Rep is installed on our DHCP Server.



            Just one more troubleshooting area to try and resolve this.



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              These are the drivers that I use for our 755's. Hopefully this helps











              Remember to re-deploy your pxe rep after you make the change to the WinPE image too.





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                I did not redeploy pxe rep, I didn't think I needed to do that.  I will try that and rspond to this thread.



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                  That OptiPlex 755 was on loan and has since returned back to Dell.



                  I'm on a different project now, but trying to accomplish the same thing.  I received a PowerEdge T300 and is in need to provision this server, or imaging.  Provisioning seems to be the better choice for future modification.  This server has Broadcom NetXtreme, this driver include in the default LANDesk 8.8 WinPE image.  I have also verified the driver downloaded from Dell and it supports from BCM5700 to BCM5702.  This server does PXE boot and WinPE does load but I get the usual message, "The network adapter driver was not found"



                  In prior PXE method (DOS) I was able to execute a program that listed the PCI devices and from that determine which driver and name to use to enable the card.  In WinPE is there a similar method to view the PCI devices?  Also could it be possible the returned device name is not matching the driver name, eg.



                  Returned Name: Broadcom



                  Supported Devices:



                  %BCM5700%           =  BCM5700CX.XpInst,         PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1644&REV_21

                  %BCM5700%           =  BCM5700CX.XpInst,         PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1644&REV_22

                  %BCM5700%           =  BCM5700.XpInst,           PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1644

                  %BCM5700FA%         =  BCM5700FA.XpInst,         PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1644&SUBSYS_000314e4

                  %BCM5700FB%         =  BCM5700FB.XpInst,         PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1644&SUBSYS_000214e4

                  %BCM5701%           =  BCM5701G.XpInst,          PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1645

                  %BCM5701FA%         =  BCM5701FA.XpInst,         PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1645&SUBSYS_000714e4

                  %BCM5702%           =  BCM5702.XpInst,           PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_1646

                  %BCM5702%           =  BCM5702.XpInst,           PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_16a6

                  %BCM5702%           =  BCM5702.XpInst,           PCI\VEN_14e4&DEV_16C6



                  So it is not sure which driver to use, I encountered this problem in DOS.  Can I view 
                  CORESERVER\ldmain\landesk\vboot\ldvpe1.img and determine where the driver are being pulled from and it's names?



                  Please help, desperate.






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                    ahe Expert


                    Hello keos,



                    did you try the tool devcon: "The DevCon command-line utility functions as an alternative to Device Manager"



                    (ok, it's only a idea, I haven't tested it with WinPE...)



                    Another idea is to check the hardware with VBScript. You can add VBScript in the PE image and check with WMI queries the hardware id's.



                    (You can find the drivers and their INF files in the PE image: ..\i386\inf and ...\i386\drivers)













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                      phoffmann SupportEmployee

                      That NIC detection tool is still around - it's NICINFO.EXE


                      But it doesn't help for WinPE - unless you want to hack the INF-files on your own, but then you really are on your own with that.


                      Just because we have a driver for "Model X" of a NIC, doesn't mean that it'll work in every cases. OEM's do notoriously change stuff - it may be harmless things like just changing PCI ID's, but in other cases it's stuff so large that a driver will flat out not work, and you need to get the driver from the OEM.


                      Try using Dell's driver - it ought to work. If it doesn't, then they really should provide one that does :).


                      Paul Hoffmann

                      LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                        Thank you ahe for the info:



                        I've opened the ldvpe1.img and viewed the files under \i386\inf, inf files that are reference in WinPE are in there.  I cannot find the folder \i386\drivers, I'm I missing something?  Is this the reason when WinPE loads it never load the actual drivers, simply because the actual driver files don't exist.  Or is the inf enough to get the nic working?



                        This is the original file that was provided by LDMS 8.8 install.



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                          Remove Broadcom driver from default WinPE image, added my own driver downladed from DELL.  Removed PXE REP, redeploy PXE REP, now server is booting up.



                          Now need to get Provisioning templet to work flawlessly...



                          Sorry for sounding like a noob, actually I'm new to this so the noob title isn't wrong :P



                          Thank you all for your suggestions.