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    Provisioning Windows 8.1 with UEFI/GPT


      Hi All,


      From reading other posts in this forum, it seems that Provisioning now supports this, but I am having trouble getting started. Specifically...


      1. PXE booting with UEFI enabled times out with no message and returns to the boot menu (I have been able to boot from media)

      2. How do you create the System and MSR partitions? How big should they be? What goes on these?

      3. Deploying the OS to a GPT partition using DISM produces an "Error: 5 Access Denied" error.


      I'm sure that after getting past these initial stages, I will have more questions. Any help will be appreciated.


      We are running LD 9.5 SP2 with the 2014-0417 component patch. PXE Reps have been updated.





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          1. For PXE to work with UEFI you must have a job scheduled for the machine in the Management Suite.

          2. There is a create partition action that can be added in provisioning. You would then deploy a captured version of the partition to the newly created partition. Easiest thing for size is simply to look at the size they are on your other machines. I believe that system can be about 100mb, and 350mb-400mb for the MSR. This is only necessary if you are using WIM images. If you are using an ImageW image, these partitions will get captured when you capture the disk.

          3. Make sure you format the partition after you created it. That should fix the access error.

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            Thanks Eric.


            I found this Microsoft article that gave some insight into what partitions to create, how to format them, and how to lay the image down on a UEFI-enabled system.


            Sample: Apply Images on a UEFI-based Computer by Using ImageX




            I tried adding the device to the Bare Metal Server configuration and scheduling the Provisioning Job, but when I started the job, it just hung as "Active". So I'm putting that one aside for now. Probably have to open a support incident.


            On a UEFI-enabled machine machine, I saw ...


            300MB for Recovery Partition

            100MB for EFI System Partition


            So that is what I used (even though the above article uses different sizes). Also on my test machine the Recovery partition comes first, while the article has it second, so I guess the order doesn't matter.


            The access error was also fixed. It was the permissions put on the share for the image.


            So now the partitions are created, the image gets deployed using DISM, and BCDBOOT runs successfully. However, when the machine reboots, it says the PC needs to be repaired. "The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information."





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              Alright. I got past the repair error by assigning a drive letter to the EFI System Partition (S:) and using the folling BCDBOOT command:


              bcdboot.exe C:\Windows /s S:


              The next problem is that the Map to Preferred Server action does not seem to work in WinPE 64-bit.  Has anyone run into this problem?



              Tue, 13 May 2014 09:57:13 Failed to start a session with PSCLDCP00105 (3)



              2014-05-13 17:57:11(1160-1228) MaptoPreferredHandler_x64.exe:******Mapping to: \\PSCLDCP00105.ad.insidemedia.net\LDPackages

              2014-05-13 17:57:11(1160-1228) MaptoPreferredHandler_x64.exe:Drive letter = I:

              2014-05-13 17:57:11(1160-1228) MaptoPreferredHandler_x64.exe:Mode - Require preferred server.

              2014-05-13 17:57:13(1160-1228) MaptoPreferredHandler_x64.exe:Did not redirect to preferred server.

              2014-05-13 17:57:13(1160-1228) MaptoPreferredHandler_x64.exe:End of Map Drive.  Path used: - .

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                Good afternoon,


                I was wondering how you are doing with your issue. I am working on the same issues with templates and UEFI. I get my all the way to CTOS and it ends there, when it reboots up it goes to a black screen. I was wondering if you got pass the CTOS part in the template. Any help would be great thanks,

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                  Did you manage to work out the issue with the preferred server mapping under WinPE x64?

                  I'm currently running into this same issue.

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                    Yes. I worked with a LANDesk developer who provided a patch. The patch is included in the LD95-CP_BASE-2014-0625 update.

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                      Thanks for the information