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    Device not showing discovery status

    gillissj Rookie

      Hoping someone can help me figure this one out.  I have a device, my PC, that I have lost 'connectivity' to from within the console.  The inventory and security scans are processing whenever they're run but when the discovery is done to see if it's connected or not, it flashes the blue "?" mark and then never returns the status. 


      I've tried removing the agent completely and re-isntalling several times.  I've turned the firewall off to see if something happened there.  Update the NIC drivers.  Made sure the "NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users" is in the "Users" group and that the our Scheduler account is in the Administrators group...just in case.  I've deleted the device from Inventory and ran full scans and made sure everything populated.  I can ping the PC from the core and other PCs.


      Any thoughts?  What am I missing?  Nothing has changed...at least that I'm aware of. 




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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          What version of LDMS Core are you running? Also you might want to try to restart the inventory service on the server. Also how are you viewing Agent Status? in the LDMS Console got to Configure | Agent staus options.

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            gillissj Rookie

            Whoops, forgot that...


            9.5 SP1


            I also forgot to mention that I did restart the Inventory Service.  Inventory scans are being processed without issue, as well as Vulnerability scans.  We haven't changed the Agent status options, they are currently set to "For selected visible items only".  The issue is not happening on any other devices, at least that I can tell...they're all discovering just fine. 


            It seems to only be my PC that is having the issue, so I'm thinking it's something on it but just not sure what. 



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              JonnyB SupportEmployee

              From the core try:


              It should return an XML file, make sure the name matches.

              Also make sure the landesk management agent service is running on your machine.

              Check the CBA_Anonymous user, it should be in the guests group. and authenticated users should be a member of the users group.

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                JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

                Or since its just your machine you can uninstall and re-install the agent and see if that fixes it for you.


                ECHO Stop LANDESK Services
                net stop "LANDesk Policy Invoker" /yes

                net stop CBA8 /yes

                net stop ISSUSER /yes

                net stop "LANDesk Targeted Multicast" /yes

                ECHO Deleting LANDesk Directory


                RMDIR C:\ProgramData\LANDesk /S /Q




                ECHO Deleting Registry Common API for LD Agents


                C:\Windows\System32\Reg delete  "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\Common Api" /f
                C:\Windows\System32\Reg delete  "HKLM\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\Common Api" /f


                ECHO UNInstall Agent

                UninstallWinClient.exe /UI /NOREBOOT /FORCECLEAN


                The uninstall exe is located in the Core ldmain directory

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                  gillissj Rookie

                  Thank you Jonbart and Joe.


                  Jonbart - I guess I didn't look as closely as I should have, the LANDesk Management Agent service was missing.  The two accounts were in the right groups. 


                  Joe - I must have uninstalled and re-installed the agent at least 3-4 times, even deleting the directories and registry keys manually but it didn't fix it.  This time I used the command prompt, stopping the services as you suggested.  I also used the /forceclean option this time (not sure why not before), which I'm thinking probably made the difference. 


                  Anyway, I re-isntalled the agent and all the services are now there and the discovery picks up my PC. 


                  Thank you guys for the help!