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    Query for CI Structures




      I would like to be able to effectively manage the CI Items that I have on CI Structures. To do this I would like a query that shows the Config Items that are not on a structure. Is this possible, if so how?




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          Depends on your structure i guess..


          We have scopes that we use to define our LDAP structure

          We have teams that gives rights on it.


          This will make an group in the ldms console for Devices, Queries, packages, task etc

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            Hi Casper.bons


            Thanks for your response, it has confused me slightly so thought that I would explain further what I am looking to achive.


            For example I have lots of CI Structure views with Application and Server CI present on them and related to each other. I want to make sure that all of the Server CIs in the database are present on at least 1 structure view. I was hoping that there would be a query that would be able to help me manage this, in service desk.




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              Ah ok your talking about LANDesk servicedesk. I was talking about managementsuite/softwaredistribution.


              I don't use LANDesk servicedesk so can't really give you a how to.


              Ci's configuration management i have experienced is in namingconvention as it is the easiest to query on and available on all management systems.


              W70000 naming range W7

              W80000 naming range W8


              S10000 range for Server 08

              S20000 range for Server 2012




              Hope it helps, don't know i am searching in the right direction

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                Hi Casper,


                Thank you for responding, I have now moved the discussion to a more sensible group, hopefully this will help.


                Thanks again,


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                  I think you might need to use crystal to do this sort of query

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