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      we have a server with windows 2003. there is a file that runs ldselmon.exe. when this runs the server stays at 25% load there are logs that show many errors. i have contacted a few people here and no one here knows what this program is for. can someone help. thanks


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          Jason SupportEmployee

          LDselmon is used for monitoring and alerting, it is used to monitor the IPMI subsystem. It should release memory when not in use.

          What version of LDMS are you running?

          What alert rulesets do you have configured on this server?



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            i am not sure, right now i have it disabled, when it is running it keeps the cpu load at 25%. i am not sure if we even need this program, no one has said anything about not getting into the server yet.


            is there a log that i can look at to see what is hapening