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    Build In-House Test system


      I'm trying to setup a test system to run through a test-upgrade from SD 7.5 sp2 to SD 7.7.1. 


      I have the server built on 2008R2, and had the DBA copy my prod database to a test database.  My prod version is also 7.5  sp2. 


      My trouble comes in trying to connect my test system to the test database.  I created the instance in configuration centre, but when it comes time to upgrade/connect to the database, I get errors, and no access to the data. 


      The most recent error I got was Unable to create columns in the data migration, and ORA-00904 on the console login with any user I tried. 


      Is there a document I'm not able to find regarding the building of a 7.5.x test system? 




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          In the Configuration Center, did you upgrade your database?  It sounds like the program is on 7.7.1 but your data is on 7.5 still.  On an explicit logon framework in the Configuration Center, select the "Upgrade" link.  For me, it took about an hour to do the upgrade.  You should see a progress bar. It's also common to increase the timeout value or the database upgrade fails.


          This is just a guess but would seem like the most likely solution.  When done make sure your culture settings are correct.


          If it isn't the database then look at your config files and make sure the URL is pointing to the right framework on the correct server.

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            I am trying to build a 7.5 sp2 functional server before I perform the 7.7.1 upgrade.  This way I can verify the in-place upgrade for the main test and prod servers will go smoothly and I will be able to document the process. I also cannot take down our current test server for the upgrade due to the active use and development it sees. 

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              If the upgrade isn't running, theres a problem with the account or the database it seems.  Personally to be sure I like to uninstall 7.5 sp2 and install 7.7.1 and then do the upgrade on the DB.


              Though you will want to make sure you're following the upgrade guide here for your version specific upgrade steps.



              I must say from the sounds of things I would first make sure the account you're using to make the DB connection within that instance has all the permissions it needs.  DBO or whatever that is within Oracle specifics.