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    LD95-CP_BASE-2014-0417 Query


      I would like to create a query to find out how many computers have the LANDesk service pack 2 patch installed.  Can anyone tell me where this is located in inventory?  Below is the name of the patch.



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          I've moved your question into the Systems and Security area where someone may be able to assist.




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            I believe the info you want is stored here:

            computer.Patch and Compliance Definitions.LD95-CP_BASE-2014-0417.Patch Currently Installed

            1 = installed

            0 = not installed


            I believe the query should be structured like this:

            Computer.Patch and Compliance Definitions.Vulnerability ID = LD95-CP_BASE-2014-0417

            AND Computer.Patch and Compliance Definitions.Patch Currently Installed = 1


            This should give you all the machines that have installed LD95-CP_BASE-2014-0417



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