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    Real-Time Inventory and Monitoring Performance


      Hello everyone,


      We are doing a side-by-side upgrade to LANDesk 9.5 SP2 from Landesk 9.0 SP3. I am building out our new agent, and I am contemplating adding the real-time inventory and monitoring component in order to utilize the ability to look at and stop and start services and processes on machines. We have not previously used this component because we didn't have a need for it, but I'm starting to see the advantages of having it enabled.


      My question is this - Those of you who use this feature, have you seen any negative performance hit to your core server, clients, or network traffic with this feature turned on? If so, was the impact minimal or significant? I am assuming that it only pulls the real-time data at the time when you inspect the machine or go to its web page to view its data, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't constantly hitting machiens with requests or that it would bog down our server or clients in a negative way.


      Any info related to your experience with this feature is much appreciated! Thnak you for your help and advice!


      Have a great day,