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    Forward e-mail with attachments


      We just recently moved our HR and Payroll to LANDesk from FootPrints and IT is scheduled to be moved on the 30th.  Our customers are very accustomed to forwarding e-mails to Help Desk and HR to create tickets.  A lot of times these forwarded e-mails contain attachments.  In our previous system this was not an issue and the attachments got attached to the ticket.  I discovered yesterday in LANDesk this is not the case.  In speaking with LANDesk help desk this is not a functionality that is available with LANDesk because Microsoft changes the formatting of the e-mail when it's forwarded.  In further testing this yesterday it seems that this issue is only true for HTML e-mails.  If we create an e-mail in plain text or rich text with an attachment send it to someone else and have them forward the e-mail to LANDesk via e-mail the ticket gets created and the attachments are attached.  If the e-mail is created in HTML, sent to someone else and they forward the e-mail as HTML or in plain text or rich text the ticket gets created but the attachments are not attached.  We are on SD 7.1.1 and we are using Microsoft Exchange for our e-mail.  Has anyone found a work around to this?  This will be a major issue for us if it's not fixed.

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          I have no experience with e-mail attachment but I know from experience that the size limitation of attachments is a bit small by default.  You may need to look at increasing the size of allowed attachments if you get this working.


          We stopped using e-mail from end users in favor of self service.  We get better information, no spam (users must authenticate), and users certainly could add attachments.  End users can use a different Window from analysts allowing you to simplify creation of incidents and placing special instructions on the screen.  Using templates makes this even easier.


          There is a place for e-mail imports, we use them for automating processes but we are much happier with using Self Service over the e-mail importer. 

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            Thanks for your reply.  Sorry forgot to include the information about attachment size.  So far all the attachments are well below the 4MB limit.  Although I believe there is now a way to increase this higher.  We are attempting to drive them to self-service but know that this is still going to be the preferred method for now and need to support it.

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              Fabian Schmidt Expert

              Normally you will need two actions available at the specific status, where e-mail should be processed:

              - Add Note

              - Add Attachment


              Than an e-mail, that contains an attachment should be added as an attachment to the ticket, as long the size of the attachment is below 4MB.

              If you want to open a new ticket with an inbound mail, than the action "Add attachment" needs to be available at the open status and the mapping within e-mail settings needs to be configured.


              If you have any questions, I could send some screenshots of our process and mail configuration.




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                We are able to add attachments to tickets.  The issue is when an e-mail with an attachment is forwarded to the e-mail address LANDesk looks at to create the tickets.  The ticket gets created but if the original e-mail is sent as HTML it does not attach the attachment.  If the original e-mail that is forwarded to the e-mail address LANDesk looks at to create the ticket is sent as Rich Text or Plain Text the ticket is created and the attachment is attached.  So it seems to be specific to forwarded e-mail with attachments where the original e-mail was created in HTML format.  We even tried forward the original e-mail created in HTML format as rich text or plain text but it doesn't attach the ticket.

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                  Fabian Schmidt Expert

                  Did I understand you correct:

                  An inbound e-mail that is HTML formated with an attachment will create a new ticket, but dosn't attache the attachment, but a rich-text or plain text mail with an attachment creates the ticket and the attachment is attached to the new incident?


                  I heard about something like this some time ago.

                  Has your HTML e-mail somewhere an URL included, for example in the signature?

                  I can remeber something, that there were or are problems with HTML formated e-mails containing an attachment and somewhere an URL link, so that the inbound mail will fail somehow.


                  Maybe you could check this.




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                    Inbound e-mail that is HTML formatted with an attachment created the ticket and the attachment.  It's inbound e-mail that is forwarded that was HMTL formatted with an attachment.  if the original format of the forwarded e-mail was Rich Text or Plain Text and it works fine.  So the key is, it's a forwarded e-mail with an attachment and the e-mail was original created in HTML format. 

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                      Fabian Schmidt Expert

                      So there is no URL Link within the original HTML formated e-mail?


                      If so you should contact LANDESK Support about this issue.