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    WT4100 StartUp Problem


      We just got new WT4100 from our distributor. Using with TelnetCE at version 7.3.144 (5250 and WT100 sessions). The problem we are facing is that after boot an aoutostrup applican  (WT41NOSTARTUP) is automatically launced by the system. This application is undesired and in conflict wiith the one (TelnetCE) we configured to startup.


      The main question is how to remove the WT41NOSTARTUP application from startup. We already checked that the application is not defined into the startup folder. Also can see that the WT41NOSTARTUP has a shortcut onto the desktop. If we remove from the desktop at next boot it reappers.


      Regard Antonio.

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          Hi Antonio,

          I can't verify now because I haven't a WT4100 terminal, but please check in the memory terminal if exist the folder


          if yes, there you should find some .txt script files into "OnReset" and "OnRestore" folders that manage the launch of application after Warm and Cold Boot; delete (or move) them and retry to reboot.





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            We finally got the solution. Following is the post we foud on the web.

            Prevent AppLauncher.exe starting on WT41N0

            You may have noticed the startup folder structure has changed a little since the WT4090 and AppLauncher.exe starts up through different means. If you want to supress this without having to resort to using Platform Builder, you can do so with a registry merge in the \Application folder. Create the following .reg file and put it in your \Application folder:


            It appears that Motorola have configured this as the first startup option in the registry, so this registry merge simply overwrites the option with a blank entry. Not sure if Windows CE will stop processing startup options if it encounters a blank entry but let me know if you find any problems with this method.