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    Still having issues with SLAs and timezones


      I have followed the instructions for changing the default timezone used in resposne levels to the raise user timezone, but this has no affect. I must be missing something, I need the SLA timer to run against the raise users timezone not the UK timezone. I can't work out from the documentation how to actually achieve this.


      The response levels have a default calendar set i thought changing the default timezone would change from using the default calendar to use the raise user timezone obviously not, has anyone else done this as I am struggling.


      This is messing up our Stats and management reports as Incident are breaching out of the local hours in the US and China.



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          I'd raise this as a support call if I were you

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            Hi  GarethReeves


            We actually have this working in my environment, our response levels are set by region so there are like 30/40 different response levels based on the users calendar.


            So it calculates the time as below


            Users calendar then sets the correct response level along side the impact.


            So for example a user in Northern Europe with an impact set as medium will have a response level of
            Class1 - Medium - Europe turnaround 55hours unless put on hold
            Another Example is a Middle East User having an impact as High
            Class 1- High - Middle East 33hours unless put on hold
            This runs through regardless of which part of the world the incident is logged or which SD has it.


            We generally put an incident on hold when it's a specific category or when we are awaiting a 3rd party/customer response.


            Not sure if that helps.



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