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    Use automatic action to update ref list on Company

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      I have created a reference list on Change called "Change Interruption Level" and made a relationship to "Change" and "Group (Interruption Level)".  I've added the IL list to the Company form and set a default value of Level 1. I then made a relationship from Company to Change calling it My Company and created an "Update" action on that My Company attribute.


      On Change, I have created a window with the following:


      Raise User
      My Company
      Change Interruption Level


      I've added the update action to the workflow and I'm trying to pass the value from "Change Interruption Level" to "Interruption Value" on the Company form but I'm getting an error that it cannot find the type attribute and to check the metadata catalog.


      Any thoughts?


      I just want to use workflow to update this field on Company based on a selection from a change form.