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    Best method? Agent replacement -  9.0 to 9.5


      Hello Community,


      I am going to be migrating a site from being managed by a 9.0 Core to a 9.5 core, with the next step being the agent deployment.


      All of the endpoints currently have a 9.0 agent installed.


      What is the best method for rolling out the 9.5 agent please?


      - Advanced Agent with the msi being pushed by Group Policy?

      - Use the 9.0 core to push the new agent?

                - Is this possible? Would the old agent stop working half way through and not complete the task?

      - Will it be necessary to run a UninstallWinClient /FORCECLEAN ?

                - Or will installing the new agent only be sufficient (I believe installing a new agent removes the old one first)


      Any advice greatfully received.



      Thank you.