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    Web Desk hangs PC when using Internet Explorer Version 9


      We currently use LANDesk version 762 and our company wide browser is version 8.


      We have recently started to upgrade some clients to internet explorer version 9 (we cannot install later versions due to older web applications).  However, we have found that when web desk is used with IE9, the client PC regularly goes into a hang.  This can happen up to 10 times a week for each user. 


      To resolve the issue, the user must completely shut down and restart the PC.  I contacted support that there are no known issues with IE 9 but just wondering if anyone came across this and found the cause/resolution without contacting support.


      We have switched off compatibility settings and also uninstalled the google chrome frame plugin which was required for IE8.  No other web applications are being used at the time of the crash.