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    Endpoint connecting through VPN using wrong IP address

    itskiguy Apprentice


      I'm using LDMS 9.5 and am running into an issue with machines that connect in using a client side VPN.  When they do their inventory scan, sometimes the Management console uses their local adapter's IP address (bad), and sometimes it uses the VPN adapter's IP address (good).  Opening up the machine's inventory under Network\TCPIP\Bound Adapter I see multiple adapters, one of which is the VPN adapter with the correct IP address. 



      But under TCPIP, it shows only the local adapter's IP address.



      Running a manual inventory scan updates the Last Hardware Scan Date, so I know the client can reach the server, but since the server has no idea where the computer's local network is, it can't reach it back for remote control or software deployment.  I have little doubt that if I just leave the computer connected to the VPN for a while and run a few more inventories, eventually the IP address in here will change to the VPN address and I'll be able to connect to it, but is there some way to force it to use the VPN adapter's IP address if/when it has one?

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