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    How to update credentials for stock LDAP Import rules?


      Hi there,


      We've had to reset the password of the AD account that LDDA uses to perform LDAP imports. LDDA is now locking this account out every few minutes. I'd actually like to change the account used entirely as the current one is over-priviliged.


      The predefined LDAP Import rules, such as "Report Club Container Import - DO NOT MODIFY", "<domain> Groups the loggin in user is a Member Of", "Import <domain> Users into Asset Control", etc. are all read-only, so I cannot simply update the credentials in each rule.


      In hunting around for where these credentials were originally entered, I've realised they're provided at the LDAP Integration stage of the initial LDDA installation at which point these rules are created.


      Is there a supported method to update these credentials, or do I have to go through the instalation process again?


      Many thanks,



      Versions: LDMS 9.0 SP2, LDDA 9.0.7 (yes, I know these are ancient, I cannot change this for the foreseeable future)