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    After upgrading from 9.5 to 9.5 SP2 HII is causing BSOD


      We have been using HII with provisioning from 9.0(I believe it was SP2) to 9.5 and we haven't had any issues with drivers causing bluescreens. Last week we upgraded to 9.5 SP2 and now every Dell box we provision bluescreens on bootup right after the CTOS action. I started testing on a T3610 to try and sort out the issues and it looks like the bluescreen is being caused by the chipset drivers. These are the same drivers we have been using for long time with no issues. I tried updating them from Dell's driver cab files and the behavior stays the same. I talked with some LANDesk guys at Interchange and they indicated it was problem with my drivers as nothing has really changed with how HII assigns drivers, but the only thing that has change is upgrading to 9.5 SP2. When I search the community and find articles like this http://community.landesk.com/support/message/101688#101688 (9.5 SP1 - Best Practice HII 9.5SP1 for DELL Computers) I get the impression this is a known issue and doesn't look it has been fixed. Is anybody else having these issues or have suggestions on how to fix this?