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    Archive to Where?

    rdvanorman Apprentice

      Where are computers archived to?  We noticed today that our Service desk shows 374 machines with a status of disposed.  We've been updating the status in LDMS with the status from Service Desk however LDMS only shows 21 machines.  When we cross reference them we find that all the machines that don't match up are missing from LDMS.  We know that DA has archiving but we've never turned that on at least not on purpose.  So the question is where are all the missing computers?  Archived somewhere?   Could someone explain the "Archive" function in DA?



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          Jason SupportEmployee

          The archive function in LDDA is a manual process, you select the devices and right click and choose archive to asset control. Those devices are then sent to asset control and you can view them in there, asset control can does have query and reporting functionality.

          The other way that devices can be missing from inventory is if they are deleted(this is a non DA function) This can either be a manual deletion or you can set up the inventory service to remove after x days(days to keep scans setting in the configure services inventory setting) if no scan has came in. By default this setting is set to 0 meaning we never remove devices.



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            rdvanorman Apprentice

            Thanks Jason..   Where is the setting for the Inventory deletion.  I thought it was set to 0 but with all these missing machines something's going on.

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              Jason SupportEmployee

              On the core server in the console go to Configure-->Services-->Inventory on this tab you will see Days To Keep Inventory


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