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    LDMS 9.5 SP1 - cannot restore domain account profile using Provisioning Deploy Profile



      - LDMS 9.5 SP1

      - Agent installed on Windows 7 64bit SP1


      I have this case when I wanted to Deploy Profile using Provisioning, Local account always successfully restored, but not a domain account.


      Every time this domain account login, on system tray always show a baloon that said "this is temporary account bla..bla..bla".

      Already tried restart and then login again, always the same baloon poped out...and after the 3rd login attempt windows throw "The group policy client service failed the logon".


      This is the steps that I do for testing, and the PC are already join domain and theres already a domain account set up:

      1. Login using local account

      2. Capture Profile using provisioning, this contains one local account and one domain account. (Success)

      3. Restore windows to its original state with an empty local account profile.

      4. Deploy Profiles using provisioning, the tasks sequence are all success.

      5. Restart.

      6. Login using local account, the delayed UMA windows appear and then automatically restart.

      7. Login using local account and check whether the profile are restored correctly. it is restored correctly (success)

      8. Logged off and then logged in using domain account.

      9. The delayed UMA appears again and then automaticcaly restart.

      10. Login using domain account, then the baloon pop up started appear.

      11. Restart again, login using domain account, the baloon pop up appear again.

      12. Restart again, login using domain account, then the account are locked out and show  "The group policy client service failed the logon".


      Another behavior that I'm observed is, it seems like SMA creating a profile called TEMP on the C:\users folder


      Any insight, solution or workaround are appreciated