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    Auto update information on the Parent ticket when a child ticket is attached


      I'm wondering if anyone has tried doing this.  If so, please share your thoughts and experience.  The full story is below, but with Service Desk we basically want to send a parent ticket through a series of data validation checks / updates, possibly with process designer, after each time a child is added to it.


      Would it be possible to build a calculation in Service Desk that would recalculate fields on the parent such as the Priority (Response Level) when children are added?


      For example, if the parent ticket is Impact = 1 User, then as the first child ticket is added, the Impact is updated to 2-10 Users, and if more than 10 children are added then the Impact is automatically changed to Branch/Site.

      I believe that by changing the Impact, the Response Level would also change.  We would want to add a check so that the calculation never lowered the Impact or Response Level if children are detached.

      What I am trying to accomplish is prevent having a Parent ticket with 10 children listed as a Priority 4 with impact set to 1 User.


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          Fabian Schmidt Expert

          How about this:


          Within Process Designer add the Attach Incident Action to the process diagram followed by an automatic action that allows changes on the main window and is named for example change Response Level.

          Just like this:

          Change Response Level Process.JPG


          When you double click the Action Change Response Level the default Incidnet Window should open.

          Right click on the Response Level reference list and add a calculation that coud look like this:

          import System
          static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):
               Childs = Incident.Children.Child.Count
               SLA = "1 User"
               if Childs > 1 and Childs < 10:
                    SLA = "2-10 Users"
                    return Incident.GetNamedObject("Incident.ResponseLevel", SLA)
               if Childs >= 10:
                    SLA = "Branch"
                    return Incident.GetNamedObject("Incident.ResponseLevel", SLA)
               return Incident.GetNamedObject("Incident.ResponseLevel", SLA)


          Now every time a child incident is attached the calculation is fired and the response level recalculated.


          This will not change the SLA if a child incident is detached.