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    Motorola MC9090G, CE5.0 OS: 1.35.0000 Persistance TE Configuration



      I have a client who has 35 units MC9090G terminal and needs to establish a quick way to set all terminals, but without using programs installed on PC. I try to make a copy-paste.

      This OS version incorporates V7.0.12 of TE. My intention is to set the Config of Telnet in 1 terminal (hosts, config.emulation, etc. ..), and extract the necessary files, then copy them to the other terminals.

      Believed to have found the 5 files responsible for the configuration of the TE (Config.tim , HostCfgs.bin , HostDffs.bin , S24cfg.bin and Termcfg.bin), but I think I'm missing something, but randomly, when I make a Cold Start in the terminal, the Host I disappear. I can not find what are all the files and / or folders to be able to do what I intend. My goal is to configure 1 terminal and extract  the need to copy to the other terminals, and configuration persists even doing a Cold Start.


      Could anyone help me solve this problem

      Thank you very much

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          With a CE operating system the entire Windows partition gets rebuilt on a cold boot so anything stored in that directory is not cold boot persistent. The Motorola CE devices contain a directory called the Application directory that is cold boot persistent where files are stored and then copied into the active Windows partition at boot time.


          My bet would be that you are overwriting the "Config.tim , HostCfgs.bin , HostDffs.bin , S24cfg.bin and Termcfg.bin" files in the primary partition instead of in the Wavelink folders in the Application directory. If you adjust your process so that you're overwriting the config files in the Application directory instead then the device should have a persistent configuration after a cold boot.

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            Thanks jmdermody
            The MC9090G CE 5.0 is the partition "Application" which is persistent, as you indicate.
            Telnet is in \ Application \ TE and TE in the "Config", where are these 5 files, among other folder is located.
            What I do is copy here.

            On the other hand there is another route:
            Program Files \ Wavelink \ TelnetCE, where we also find these files.

            What I've found is that after loading the OS image, set the date as of today and configure Telnet, the only 5 files that change are indicated above, and are in the path: \ Application \ TE \ config.
            So I copy the files on that route, but not why, sometimes, not always, when I make a Cold Start lose the config of the Host. But other parts of the configuration, such as running full screen, the key to display the menu, etc. ., if maintained.


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              As JMDERMODY said the \Application directory is the cold boot persistent directory where a copy of your config files need to be located.  However in the \Application directory you will also find a number of .CPY files.  During a cold boot these files act like a batch file and are used to copy files from one location to another.  Typically they are used to copy your config files from the persistent storage in the \Application directory to the \Program Files directory where they are read and run by the application.  Have a look at these .CPY files to get a better understanding of what is going on during a cold boot and in particular where your confg files are being moved to.


              So in my VC70 forklift computer running CE 7 the WaveLink .CPY files I found had the following in copy commands in them.


                      \Application\HOSTCFGS.BIN >         \Application\TE\Config\HOSTCFGS.BIN

                       \Application\S24CFG.DAT >              \Application\TE\Config\S24CFG.DAT

              \Application\HOSTCFGS.BIN >         \Application\TE\HOSTCFGS.BIN

              \Application\S24CFG.DAT >              \Application\TE\S24CFG.DAT

              \Application\HOSTCFGS.BIN >         \Program Files\Wavelink\TelnetCE\HOSTCFGS.BIN

              \Application\S24CFG.DAT >               \Program Files\Wavelink\TelnetCE\S24CFG.DAT


              So you can see the config files from the \Application directory are copied to the various other directories and will over write the existing files in those locations.


              If you don’t want to perform a cold boot then I would suggest you copy the config files to all these locations.