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    HP Thin Client - Provisioning - WES 7 - Sysprep Error Message


      I am trying to image a HP t510 thin client using LANDesk and Image W.  Below are the Image W commands I used.

      Capture -  /b /d:0 /rb:0 /f:\\coreserver\ldimaging\Images\Image.tbi

      Restore- /r /o /x /d:0 /rb:0 /f:\\coreserver\ldimaging\Images\image.tbi

      I captured the image and send it back out to the thin client.  I followed the instructions in the link below.

      HP Thin Client Management with LANDesk Management Suite 9.5

        When Windows goes to start up I receive the error below.

      I noticed the errors below in the "setuperr.log."

      2014-06-02 15:06:26, Error [0x0f0082] SYSPRP LaunchDll:Failure occurred while executing 'C:\Windows\System32\ewfcfg.dll,EwfSysprepSpecialize', returned error code -2147024809
      2014-06-02 15:06:26, Error [0x060435] IBSCallback_Specialize: An error occurred while either deciding if we need to specialize or while specializing; dwRet = 0x80070057

      According to the link below this is an issue with the second partition not being created.

      Windows Embedded Stanard 7 - Sysprep Failure occurred while executing ewfcfg.dll,EwfSysprepSpecialize

      With all that being said I have a few questions for the community:

      • What is the best way to create multiple partitions with LANDesk?
      • Has anyone found documentation on the imagew switches?


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