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    Acer monitor serial number reporting incomplete after hardware scan


      I'm using LDMS 8.8 SP4. Clients are Windows 7 x86 desktops. LCD monitors are connected via 15 pin VGA cables.


      Purchased 55 very cheap Acer V206HQL 20" LCD monitors. In device manager on the local machine they show up as "Generic PNP Display".

      After inventory scan runs, they show in the database as Acer V206HQL 19.7" with a serial # of LXKAA0034207 (true 22 character SN on monitor is MMLXKAA003406021B24207).

      I have downloaded the correct Acer V206HQL.inf but that didn't help. Tried lettings Windows find a driver update to no avail.

      I understand the difference in LCD size and my Dell LCD monitors have always reported back the correct SN#.


      Moral of the story, you get what you pay for. "Why am I getting a partial serial number from the Inventory scan?"


      PS - love the new colors