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    Cant see a device in all devices


      Hi Guys,


      I installed new 9.5 core server and now im trying to migrate clients from old 9.0 core server to it.


      Im redeploying agents from new core server to all devices. So far everything worked like charm.

      Now I found a device that I sucessfully deployed agent to but that device do not apear in all devices list.

      Im able to connect to it using remote control.


      I was also able to run manual security and inventory scan from the device. I saw that this device was communicating with right core during this scan but It didnt apear in the list.

      (no error on client during scan)


      I tired to completely remove - reinstall the agent but behaviour of this device is still the same.


      Core server and the device are on the same network. All firewalls are dissabled.


      Does anyone have an idea what might be the problem ?