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    Provisioning from locked templates

    davidg5700 Specialist

      I have been playing around with using locked templates to fire up provisioning on computes to keep the "all public templates" folder free from all the locked templates that are created when provisioning from non-locked templates.


      When a tech provisioned from an unlocked template and had it fail, I would delete the locked template created in the "all public" folder and the tech would be able to relaunch the template without it trying to pick up from where it failed.


      My question is, what is the best way to deal with failed provisioning tasks?  If I have the technicians launch a template from a locked one, the only things I will be able to delete from the database is the task that is created in the technician's "My tasks" folder and the device id in "All devices" from the network view in the console.


      Also, is there a way to rename a locked template?  I'd like to have the template tree look a bit more clean than having a bunch of time stamped templates to choose from.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Don't let techs launch from an unlocked template as that will create a locked template each time. Locked templates are a way of ensuring consistency and a historical trail of everything built using a particular template. Yes, you can just rename a locked template via right click, or clicking again after it has been selected.


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            davidg5700 Specialist

            Hmm... whenever I try to rename a locked template, it gives me an error that the name already exists whether on remote console or on the core.  I am on 9.5 SP2 and it would throw an error in previous versions also.  I may need to run this through support.


            A question I have about using locked templates, which wasn't clear from my first post, is what happens when a tech runs a machine from a locked template and that machine fails?  How do you ensure that rerunning that same machine will not pick up the failed template and continue from the point of failure?


            I was testing using the locked template and a tech had a failed machine that showed up in the history of the task.  I deleted the tech's associated task for the template, but it would not start a template from scratch until I deleted the locked template that had the failed history.  How do I deal with this?



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              Gjstewart Specialist

              Once a template fails it is not accessible from the machines.

              No machine can pick up a failed template only active templates.


              As for locked templates. I have a single master template which is displayed as a shortcut in the Public folder ( i never place actual templates in Public but thats just me )

              this is then chosen and locked as it creates the new build task.


              The locked templates can be used again if the engineer started the build task again from their console. But not from provisioning login. They could also add another machine to the task and delete the one they were building. And yes it would use the locked template but it would just start again.


              if provisioning is running smoothly and your template is good ( ie the failure reason was user error or a network break ) you should be ok using the same task again. UNLESS you change something in the original template the locked one was created from as no new changes will pick up. Hence the word locked.


              If the template would not start then the core thinks the build task is still active. Was it definitely failed in the console?


              You cannot run two provisioning jobs on one machine. The previous job has to fail for a new one to start.

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