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    What are the SQL specs?


      I have gone from 48 users a year ago to about 120 and expect to be at 150 soon.  Many of these users are not high volume/usage types but still, I have been seeing a noticeable difference.  We do weekly re-indexing and other standard maintenance to help.  I have recently found out that our cluster only allocates 15 GB of RAM to Service Desk.  I don't see anything that suggests this is too small or about right.  Obviously I suspect that it is a bit small now.  I have not seen any SQL server specs.


      We now have a 2012 SQL cluster with more RAM capabilities so I was looking at moving.  I understand we don't use the "Always on" feature so the 1000 increment issue should not be an issue.  I am guessing that my LDMS SQL instance would not have to be on the same cluster or instance or even same SQL version meaning they would not be forced to move at the same time.


      My main servers Web and App don't seem to be tasked too much.  Their using most of the 8GB RAM but the dual processors, network, and hard disk utilization is very light.


      Are there are official SQL specs?  Does anyone have suggestions based on their own testing that might offer some insight?  Are there any estimates/best guesses on SQL Server RAM per user?