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    ServiceDesk skipping reference numbers in IPCRs


      We've had a few processes where reference numbers are being skipped.  I've checked in our SQL DB looking at the pm_process as well as the specific im_incident/rm_request tables and ordering by id or creation date and they are definitely not there. 


      A lot of investigation later and it seems to be happening if an error is received when saving the IPCR, say the truncation error when a user inputs more characters than the field allows.  I'm assuming that when a workspace is opened it is saving the ref number and creation date/time to a temp table somewhere and this isn't cleared when the error is received, but neither is it written over into pm_process.  Not sure if this is a know issue, or do I need to submit an ER about it.  It's mainly for audit purposes I need to be able to show that we haven't been deleting rows from the DB so even if someone can point me to where in the DB schema this non IPCRs are going that would be a start.