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    LDMS 9.5 SP2 Scripted OS installation


      Hi All,


      I wonder if anyone is still using this method. We had some old scripted install templates that we use once in a while that now do not seem to work since our upgrade from 9.5 to 9.5 SP2. The template consists of the following up to the failure:




      Pre OS Installation:

      partition - remove all

      partition - create

      partition - mount

      partition - make bootable

      partition - format


      OS Installation:

      Map drive to LANDesk (for OS install files and drivers)

      copy drivers

      wait 5 seconds

      Scripted install


      Basically it gets to the point of booting after sysprep and we see this error before ldprovision closes. We have verified no firewall is interfering, along with making sure the NIC drivers are installed properly and we can access the core server via http and ping. Has something changed in this service pack? Can anyone make sense of this error code?


      Thanks in advance,