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    IP address of managed device isn't updated


      I have an issue where the core is seeing Devices using their old IP Address and will not update, making any control of the device pointless.


      I can PING from the core to the device and visa-versa.


      Inventory scans work on the device.


      I have followed this article by francesco.baldini to no avail - Issue: The IP address of the managed device isn't updated - the IP address of the wrong network connection is reported

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          JonnyB SupportEmployee

          What patch level are you on? We did have an issue where this was not updating.


          Also, turn on "Store Scans" in the configure > Inventory > advanced

          then run an inventory scan from a machine with the issue.

          turn off stored scans after gather the scan file from ldscan > storage

          Look at the bottom of the scan file for TCP.IP. Address, is this correct?

          also look (using notepad++ is the easiset) to see if there is a NULL field on the line before the address. If so you will need LD95-SP1-CP_BASE-2013-1124a

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            Thanks Jon.


            We are on LDMS 9.5 SP2.


            However...turning on Stored Scans, restarting Inventory Service, then a full Inventory Scan on an affected machine, turn off stored scans, restart inventory service......all the affected machines are now ok!


            So not really sure why it was happening or indeed how what I did resolved it...but it works now.