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    Inventory scan error






      During Inventory Scan I have the progress failed.



      The result is: Il contenuto della risposta rilevato dal client è di tipo 'text/html;charset=?Windows-1252', invece del previsto 'text/xml.Richiesta non riuscita con messaggio di errore.



      I have Landesk Management Suite Vertion



      Anybody have solutions?



      Many thanks












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          zman Master

          Can you help us out by translating the error message into english?

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            The result is: The content of the answer found from the client is of type ' text/HTML; charset=? Windows-1252' , instead of the previewed one ' text/xml. Demand not succeeded with error message.









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              zman Master

              LOL that is what I got from an online translation, but it did not look correct to me. 


              So do you only recieve this when you run the inventory scan via the console?




              Can you browse to the HTTP://CORE NAME/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz?




              Googling looks like an issue .NET IIS issue. Any Service Packs Installed?

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                1- what is LOL?



                2- yes only when run the inventory scan via the consle



                3- yes i can browse HTTP://CORE NAME/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz and download it.     What ldappl3.ldz serves?



                4 The core server is Win 2003 serve standard with service pack1.  the client from i use the console is win xp pro with sp2.









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                  zman Master
                  1. LOL = Laughing Out Loud.


                  1. ldappl3.ldz is the compressed ldappl3.in. Invnetory control - what to scan/exclud, etc...

                  2. What SP is loaded on LANDesk?


                  Some things to check.


                  1. Rights on the LDOGONfolder - Should be ok but check anyway.

                  2. I think it may be a language issue, but I'm not sure since I just deal with English. Is the OS landuage where you are running the console the same language as your core/sql server?